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Any good cooperation starts with a conversation. Whether it is a casual talk or an appointment in good time. In the case of one of our clients – the story began quite remarkably!

Karolina Gołaszewska is the founder of Reha Fit, which has been on the market since 2013. In her office, together with a staff of specialists, she accepts patients with various problems – from orthopaedic, neurological to gynaecological. With time, Karolina decided that it was time to refresh the design of Reha Fit’s website.

So what a surprise she was when, during one of the rehabilitation sessions, from word to word, it turned out that the patient with whom she is practicing can take care of it! Besides the website, Karolina also needed a professional business photo shoot for her team. We took care of absolutely everything!

New design Reha Fit

The website Karolina has decided on is a combination of minimalist design and practical solutions. Convenient navigation, clearly presented offer and aesthetics referring to the medical industry makes Reha Fit inspire confidence of potential customers from the first seconds spent on the website. Thoughtful calendar on the website, thanks to which it is possible to make an appointment quickly and efficiently is just one of many practical solutions that make it easier to move around the website!


What does Karolina think of the website?

I am very satisfied with the new website. The customers are easily navigating through it, and the visit calendar has made us date much more visits!
The new website not only met the aesthetic expectations of the founder of Reha Fit, but also helped to increase the number of customers. This is what we were aiming for!

Business photography

However, the new website is not all that Reha Fit can be proud of, because the cooperation we have started has included making a business photo shoot.

The atmosphere during the photo shoot was really fantastic. We were expecting great pictures, but we had no idea that the whole thing would turn out to be such a great adventure!

We took not only business photos and portraits, we had a chance to catch the Reha Fit team at work every day. All the photos appeared on the company’s website completing the aesthetic whole and building customer trust. After all, authenticity is what we need and seek, especially in industries related to our health.

We had the opportunity to take a studio photo for Karolina for her participation in the Swimrun competition. This is one of our favourite photographs, which was taken during our cooperation with Karolina, so we are glad that she entrusted us with this task.
How did our cooperation with Reha Fit go? Excellent! Karolina’s enthusiasm and clever combination of skills of our KickAss team made the effects exceed our wildest expectations.

You can see it here: https://rehafit.tychy.pl/!

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