Graphic and design

First impressions matter!

Aesthetic and creative solutions are our daily bread! If you are looking for perfectly designed graphics, illustrations or an interesting website design – you are in the right place! We will make every effort to ensure that your visual identity not only delights but also conveys the right emotions.

What will we design for you?

Anything you dream of. And if you don’t know what you need yet, because dreams are a complicated thing after all – read our short offer!


The logo is an indispensable business card of your company. You will be associated with it and your customers will be attached to it. So it has to be worked out in every way. Our superheroes will take care of it!

Visual identification

Visual identification is the face of your brand, which is supposed to convince potential customers. It can be said that it is a perfectly tailored clothing for your company – eye-catching, reflecting its characteristics and values. The visual identification includes such elements as logo/logotype, colours, typeface, business card design, letterhead and e-mail footer and the whole is closed in the Book of the Sign, which not only presents all the elements of visual identification but also discusses their proper use.

Branding & rebranding

Good brand? It attracts attention, has a clear message and consistency that seduces and enchants customers. We’ll help you achieve that! We offer both the process of creating a brand from scratch to a complete change of the existing brand.

Corporate materials

Especially for your brand we will prepare leaflets, catalogues, magazines and other advertising materials necessary during conferences, trainings and industry events. Not only will we design them from the graphic side, but we will also equip them with catchy content!

Packaging and labels

Eye-catching clothing for your product? We’ll tailor it! Regardless of what you produce, we’ll make sure that your potential customers will enjoy your product, which will stand out on store shelves – both traditional and online!

Graphics for social media

We are all aware that a post without eye-catching graphics not only disappears in the crowd of others, but also is steadily treated by social networking sites. A post without graphics has a much lower range, it attracts much less attention and is simply … unattractive. We can give it color and breathe life into your social media!

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